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Fyre and Brimstone Publishing 

For the Love of Books

  1. Welcome to Brimstone: Now accepting submissions for YA/NA/Adult Dark Fantasy and Dystopian

    Thank you for considering Fyre and Brimstone Publishing.

    After receiving a submission, a response will be given in no more than 30 days.

    Please include the following with your submission:
    1. Synopsis
    2. Full manuscript
    3. If this is a series, please include a synopsis for the other books in the series.
        (Already published or not)
    4. Social media links.
    5. Minimum 50K words.

    We cannot respond to incomplete submissions.

    Dark Fantasy, Dystopian only, Dark Sci Fi, and Time Travel.
    No erotica or gratuitous sex.

    Email all submissions to brimstone@fyreandbrimstonepublishing .com